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  1. What Are Your Qualifications/Why Choose Us?

    Anyone can claim to be a dog walker in this unregulated industry! We are a registered business in NYS that is pet CPR/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross, and professionally certified in dog walking safety, pack management and basics of dog training through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy. We are members, insured, and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates (PSA). In our spare time, we also educate ourselves on the latest techniques, equipment and training devices that have been scientifically proven in dog training. We attend seminars, read books, and never stop learning!

  2. Why Do I Need a Dog Walking Service?

    It can't be said enough- "A tired dog is a happy dog!" Owning a dog in an urban environment can be challenging. Lack of space and long working hours are a reality many city dwellers face. We want the best for our best friends, which means plenty of exercise, human and canine companionship. A qualified dog walker can provide your pup with the stimulation he/she needs, minimizing issues such as separation anxiety, boredom and the destruction that can result, while giving you peace of mind. Our walks also provide consistent training reinforcement, which tires your dog mentally. You'll come home to a pup ready to snuggle!

  3. What Services Do You Provide?

    We are primarily a dog walking service, but we also provide overnight sitting, cat visits, and small critter care in your home while you're away. 

  4. What Areas Do You Cover?

    We currently serve clients residing in Park Slope, South Slope and Gowanus. If you don't live in one of these neighborhoods, please give us a call or drop an email; we may be able to provide a referral. For pet sitting, we cover additional neighborhoods, depending on our availability. Just call us and ask!

  5. Do You Walk On Weekends?

    We can provide occasional walks on weekends, just try to let us know in advance. This service is only available to current walking clients; we do not accept drop-ins.

  6. Do You Walk In All Weather Conditions?

    Yes! We have all-weather gear; rain, snow or shine, we walk. Please remember to leave out a towel for rainy days. If your pup isn't fond of the rain, we will take care of business and spend the rest of time indoors playing. Buster cube, anyone? In extreme weather conditions (blizzard, heat wave, etc.) we may need to make last minute modifications for your pet's safety. 

  7. What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

    We currently accept debit via Square Cash, or cash; balances due weekly on Fridays. Thank you for your understanding.

  8. What Do I Need to Get Started?

    We will arrange to meet with you and your pooch (please allow up to 30 min). This is required prior to our first walk. The free consult is an opportunity for us to meet your dog and discuss his or her needs and any questions or concerns you may have. Please have 2 sets of working keys, and proof of rabies vaccinations. Rabies tags are required by law. We prefer that your pup wear a flat collar with tags, as well as whatever other type of equipment you use (harness, martingale, etc), so that we can safely attach our backup cords. 

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