Fall 2018

Dear Clients and Supporters,

The holidays are soon approaching, and it's time to stock up on interactive toys for your pup while you're busy shopping, cooking, entertaining, attending middle school tours and all the other fun things that the season may bring! 


Interactive, or brain toys can be a great addition to your toy stash, and are helpful on bad weather days, busy holidays, and anytime your pup needs a little extra outlet for their energy. We always recommend exploring a variety of options; some good choices are slow bowls for meal feeding, Kongs, Twist n Treat/Busy Buddy (shown above), Starmark Bob a Lot, Tug A Jug, Bouncy Bone, and raw bones with marrow.

Classic Kongs-(black for power chewers, red for medium chewers) are probably the most popular option, and can be stuffed and frozen. Get creative, involve your kids or significant other, and make it fun! Anything from kibble/wet food, peanut butter, meat based baby food, cream cheese, pumpkin can all be good options. For energetic/working dog breeds, try feeding one or more meals out of kongs or busy buddies.

If this is the first time your pup is experiencing these amazing toys-start with a Twist and Treat and work your way up to a Kong. That way, your pup won't be so frustrated that they give up. The Twist and Treat has an adjustable screw top, so you can decide how easy/difficult you'd like the mental workout to be. 

For raw bones (never give your pup cooked bones for risk of choking), you can reuse endlessly and fill with food of your choice. While a great choice for some dogs, other pups may experience stomach upset with raw bones and/or pork bones. Always use under supervision and do not leave multiple pets alone with high value items. 

For interactive toys and quality treat options, we highly recommend local business Pet Delight on 3rd avenue/25th St. The American Butcher Brand is what we use for treats out on the trail and we can attest that no dog has ever turned their snout up at these treats!

For online ordering, Chewy.com has a good selection and easy return policy.



Ask the vet!

Sydney Warshaw, VMD, veterinarian at VERG North in Brooklyn 

We've had a relatively mild season so far, and we took a moment to check in with Sydney about proper protocol for flea/tick prevention.

Q: Do I need to use flea/tick prevention if my dog is just on leash with me in the city?

A: Yes! NYC may be considered a concrete jungle, but there are still plenty of warm areas with grass or enough canine/feline/rodent traffic (such as sidewalks, dog parks, or city parks), to allow for continued presence of parasites, such as fleas and ticks.

Q: Should I be using it year round?

A: Yes! The risk of infection is still present year round. A flea lifecycle is typically 21 days long, which means they can produce hundreds and thousands of eggs during that short time. Eggs can lay dormant in your household (carpet or in drapes), until the right conditions arise, such as turning on the heat in the winter months.

Q: What about flea collars? Are they effective?

A: Flea collars can be a great preventative as long as they are used appropriately. They must be dosed and fitted correctly, and replaced in the correct time frame. Many collars will claim full protection for up to 8 months, but if your dog is an avid swimmer, they will need to have it replaced sooner. Please discuss choosing the most appropriate collar for your pet with your family veterinarian, as some over the counter collars are not effective or can be toxic if your pet accidentally chews or swallows a piece.

Q: Should I treat all household pets, including cats-even if they stay indoors?

A: In an ideal world-yes, all pets, including indoor only felines should be on monthly preventatives. This is especially so if you live in a household with dogs and/or family members who often travel or hike in areas where those pests live (hiking, hunting, etc). If your household pets are made up of indoor only felines, then they may not require preventatives; however, this should be discussed with your family veterinarian.

Q: Are there any natural preventatives you would recommend?

A: No! Some owners may swear by natural or homeopathic remedies but if you look closely at the ingredients, these products are often ineffective or potentially irritating or toxic to your pets. Veterinarians recommend our products because they have been researched immensely over the last few decades and are scientifically proven to be effective. 

Holiday Reminders and Closures:

We will be closed on Thursday, 11/22 for Thanksgiving Day
**Friday, 11/23 walks are by request only **
Weekend/holiday rate will apply

Andrea Cherrington