Happy 2018

Happy 2018! We hope you've all had a restful holiday break. We hope you enjoy our first newsletter, where you can find winter weather tips, reminders and a list of upcoming holiday closures.

We know the past few days have been rough for you and your pups in this weather, so here are a few winter weather tips and outdoor safety guidelines.


*Boots or paw wax is a must in salted outdoor areas. We recommend Pawz reusable booties. Musher's Secret paw wax or vaseline can also be applied before walks. The salt can really cut into your pup's paws and cause a lot of pain and cracks. These are sold on local pet shops and on Amazon.

*Coats: Generally, if your pup is a double-coated breed of a medium size or larger, they should be fine without a coat. Puppies, small dogs, elderly dogs and single coated dogs (bully breeds, terriers, greyhounds) should always have a coat in cold temperatures. We may short walks and spend time indoors playing when the temperature is below freezing. We like Ruffwear coats and Voyagers K9 Apparel, but there are many good brands out there. Make sure the fit is relatively snug and covers your dog's belly area.

Other Gear: High visibility gear such as coats, collars and lights with reflective detail are helpful for winter evening walks.


Indoor Exercise Tips for Winter:

Puppy Push Ups
Frozen Kongs
Flirt Pole- "Chase It Toys"
Hide and Seek
Short Training Sessions, i.e. "Place"
Indoor Treadmills!

Upcoming Closures:
We will be closed for walks on Monday 1/15 for MLK Day, and Monday 2/19 for President's Day. 

Andrea Cherrington