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We are proud to announce the completion of our new website, same URL but more comprehensive. We'll be adding videos and instructionals as we go along. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

We are also excited to be a 2018 recipient for Top 20 Dog Walkers in Brooklyn by Expertise!!


Concerns About Canine Flu

As many of you may have heard, there have been a few cases of canine influenza recently reported in Brooklyn, as well as kennel cough (Bordatella). If your pup is showing any signs of illness, please call your vet and ask for a flu test.
These are the symptoms to watch out for:

  • coughing

  • sneezing

  • fever

  • clear nasal discharge that progresses to thick yellowish green mucus

  • rapid/difficult breathing

  • loss of appetite

  • lethargy      

If your pup tests positive, please notify us as well as any daycares or boarding facilities your dog has been to recently. We do our best in providing limited exposure to unknown dogs and we do not do large pack walks-however its possible for pups to pick up this virus, especially if they frequent daycare and dog parks. 

For now, vets are recommending avoiding the dog runs/parks. Vaccines are available, but take several weeks for immunity to develop. Bordatella vaccines are also available and usually required for daycare/boarding.                                                                          


What's the Deal with Daycare?

Many clients like to give their pups additional options when it comes to pet care services, so it's no surprise that we're often asked about doggy daycare. If you're thinking of sending your pup to daycare, here are some great questions to ask the provider. Please remember, daycare is not the right fit for every dog, and there's nothing wrong with your dog if they don't thrive at daycare!

List of Questions to ask Daycare Providers
1. How are the dogs grouped? Size, Temperment?
small dogs should stay with small dogs for safety reasons, a good rule of thumb is the 50% rule-dogs who have more than a 50% weight spread should not be grouped together
2. What is the dog/staff ratio?
should be no more than 8:1
3. What methods do you use to manage a dog's behavior within the daycare setting? Are staff trained and knowledgeable in canine behavior and body language?
crating, time outs, interrupting and redirecting play when it gets too rough, etc.
4. Are dogs given time to decompress during the day?
this is a huge one, dogs should not be allowed to play continuously, as it can develop into bullying and fear-there needs to be structure to the day
5. Do you have cameras?
client access to cameras is a nice perk
6. Will my dog go outside at all? Will there be any leashed walks/potty breaks?
there should be different areas for dogs to relax, play, and eat-walks are beneficial too 
7.What is your emergency protocol?
8. Are staff trained in CPR/First Aid?
all staff should have certification
9. What vaccinations are required?
proof of rabies, distemper, parvo and kennel cough should be required

**Check out our website for a list of recommended local daycares**

Please read!!

Our upcoming holiday closures are as follows:
May 28, Memorial Day. We will not be giving regular walks on this day, but if you need to schedule, please let us know and the walk will be billed at the weekend/holiday rate.

Andrea Cherrington