Summer 2018

Dear Clients and Supporters,
We're nearing the end of summer, and September will be here before we know it--but that doesn't mean there isn't still time to get out and enjoy some quality play with your pups! Because of the recent toxic algae bloom at Prospect Park, we've compiled a list of short day trips for that quick summer getaway.

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Rockefeller State Park

  • 30 min from NYC

  • 32 miles of carriage trails, dogs must be leashed (we didn't see a single off leash dog), which is nice if you're working on reactivity with your pup.

Harriman State Park

  • accesible via Metro North, which is dog friendly

  • 30 min from NYC

  • 200 miles of hiking trails for your pup!

Gedney Park

  • 30 min from NYC

  • 126 miles of woods, off leash friendly

  • located in Chappaqua, NY

If you have other favorites, please share! (only if its not a secret, of course).


Of course, when out hiking off leash with your pups (and especially in new areas), it's important to have a solid recall, or "come when called." There are 5 rules of recall:

  1. NEVER call a dog for anything it won't like

  2. NEVER call a dog if you don't think the dog will come

  3. If you make a mistake on 2., go save the recall-start over again

  4. NEVER repeat the command-say it once, then make yourself interesting (clapping, squatting down, etc).

  5. ALWAYS give the dog a huge payoff-high value treats, a toy, something novel or special

It's always a good idea to start by practicing easy recalls when a dog is close to you and not really engaged in anything. Call once (you can use the dogs' name followed by "come") and when the dog comes over, reward with a jackpot of treats. If the dog responds more enthusiastically to a ball, toy or game, use that instead.

When the dog is coming back every time, make the recall a little harder. Add some distance, and/or practice around a distraction. Add just a little at a time so the dog isn't set up to fail.
Long lines or leads are a great tool to use for recall work. These are typically sold in 20, 30 and 50 ft lengths.

Make sure to allow plenty of time to practice-start indoors with minimal distractions, and work your way up to Prospect Park for off leash hours!




Before we forget, we'd love to share this easy summer kong recipe. 

1 large kong-i use the power chewer, but you can use whatever version works for your pup

2 or more cantaloupe, watermelon, or honeydew slices (about 1/4 cup)

half cup greek or skyr type yogurt (don't use if your dog is lactose-intolerant, or you can sub sheep or goat's milk yogurt)

*optional-biscuit or bully stick to insert (will freeze)

Directions: Peel and dice melon, and stuff the kong about halfway. Add yogurt and insert a hard biscuit or bully stick into the end. Place in freezer 2 hours or overnight. Give to your pup and watch them enjoy! **may get messy**

Important Reminders: We will be closed on Monday, 9/3 for Labor Day and Monday, 10/8 for Columbus Day. 

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